What If Catelyn Stark learned about Jon’s Mother?

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I’m back with another post, this time is about something that has been in my mind since I finished watching season six. During this season it was revealed that Jon Snow isn’t img_5744Ned’s son with another woman but Lyanna’s son, making Jon his nephew. Now, we all know that Catelyn Stark never liked Jon because he was a constant reminder about Ned being unfaithful but after watching seasons one through six again, I can’t help but wonder what would have happened if she hadn’t died at the Red Wedding and somehow found out about Jon’s true parentage or if she had found out some time after he left to join the Night’s Watch.

I imagine she would feel bad for the way she was towards Jon if she somehow knew who his real mother was and that Ned never actually did anything… and actually I don’t remember what episode or the season but someone said that Ned was to honorable to have forgotten his vows, and I’m pretty certain it was Stannis Baratheon who said that while talking about Jon. Maybe she could have found a way to tell him about it but I’m not sure if he would believe her if she actually said anything to him or if she would even bother. What I do believe had more chance of happening is that she would have shared that information with Robb and had he known before his death, I am 100% sure that Robb would have told Jon who his parents really were. 


So what do you guys think about this? How do you think Catelyn would have reacted if she had learned this before she died or if she had survived during the Red Wedding? Let me know your thoughts in the comments down below.

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2 thoughts on “What If Catelyn Stark learned about Jon’s Mother?

  1. Ooh… I bet she would have felt awful knowing she was mean to him and he wasn’t even at fault. I think she would tried to apologize (at least k hope so) unless she blames Lyanns for Brandon’s death. Great post, BTW.


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