Welcome to Blue Winter Rose!

Hello Everyone!

game-of-thrones-wallpaper-tumblrThis new blog is dedicated to all things related to the world of “A Song of Ice and Fire” as well as the show, Game of Thrones. Here I will be discussing some theories about the books and the show as well as just giving you my thoughts on lots of things.

In this blog I will begin with one or two post each week and maybe in the future I will be posting from Monday through Friday. I have a lot os things planned so be aware. This week I will be uploading two other posts besides this one since this is just a little introduction.

If you guys want to stay in touch with me outside of the blog make sure you follow me on Twitter. I just created my account and I’ll be there most of the time letting you guys know of any updates and things like that. My account is @BlueWinterBloom. Also, if there is any topic related to Game of Thrones that you would like me to talk about, be sure to let me know via Twitter on in the comments below and I’ll make sure to talk about said topic. 


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