Game of Thrones Season Seven Musts!


Recently I’ve been watching Game of Thrones from season one again and I truly cannot wait for season seven to be here! After such a long time we finally got confirmation of who Jon’s mother really was and that he is not Ned’s child with another woman but his sister’s Lyanna, and though it has not been a 100% confirmed in the show I am certain that Rhaegar Targaryen is his father, there’s just no one else who could be his father and it would amxkmev_700b_v1give Jon a claim to the Iron Throne. With that said I really do think that next season we need to get a few things…

  1. Rhaegar Targaryen. The one thing I want to see the most next season is definitely Targaryen. He has been mentioned so many times in the show but he has yet to make an appearance and that is really driving me crazy… hopefully we’ll get to see him next season. 
  2. Jon is a Targaryen. We now know that he is Lyanna’s son with Rhaegar so they just need to show it. There are many ways this could be done, one being with a flashback that shows Lyanna and Rhaegar in the Tower of Joy being happy and in love or where she just tell him that she’s pregnant with his child… so many options for this to happen so I’m counting on seeing it on screen.
  3. The Tourney of Harrenhald. This is something that we really really need to see! After all, this is the place where Rhaegar crowned Lyanna “Queen of Love and Beauty” and this could be where they first fell in love. In my opinion they really need to show us this event and while they’re at it, show some characters that we only just have heard of in the show. That would be interesting!
  4. Jon learns his true parentage. We know who Jon’s parents really are but he has yet to find out and with just two more seasons left, Jon really needs to find out who his parents really are. One way this could be done is with Bran since he already knows the true due to his flashback but fir that to happen he really needs to get back to Winterfell. Another why is that Jon learns the truth from Howland Reed who showed up at the Tower of Joy along with Ned Stark so he certainly knows who Jon’s parents are. The last way I can come up with are the Crypts of Winterfell. It might sound strange but maybe Ned left some sort of clue for Jon to find.

This are just a couple of things that I would love to see next season in Game of Thrones. What are some things that you would like to see during season seven? And what do you guys think, will we finally get to see Rhaegar Targaryen? Let me know your thoughts in the comments down below.

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2 thoughts on “Game of Thrones Season Seven Musts!

  1. Yes!!! I want to see Rhaegar! I’ll talk a flashback, I don’t mind but I want to see him. And with Lyanna. We need to see what really happened! I’m quite positive that they were in love.


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